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Meet the Maker

Burlap Bovine was born in an 600 sq. ft. apartment in Sacramento, CA and named after a piece of home décor on the maker’s kitchen table, an actual burlap metal cow. Malorie Walker started making beaded jewelry in college and then moved to cowhide and leather as her favorite medium post-college, in the very first place she lived on her own, as something to do after work to creatively occupy her time. In the Fall of 2017, she made Burlap Bovine her livelihood and lifestyle all wrapped into one very exciting full-time career!

Hi! I’m Malorie, and I’m the maker + owner of Burlap Bovine! My husband and I live in Sacramento, CA where I have managed to totally and completely cover our entire home in some sort of leather or cowhide product, because this business is not only my livelihood, it’s also my lifestyle! I grew up on my family’s cattle ranch in Livermore, CA and ironically enough, for how much I love cows now, I was deathly afraid of cattle as a kid. I was tiny. They were large. It wasn’t a win-win ratio in my book back then. I was perfectly content sitting in the passenger seat of the ranch pick-up, or sometimes in the bed of the truck, while my dad put the hay out. Fast forward 20-something years later, and one might say I am obsessed with cows. I love their personalities, their hair-dos, their sass, and I also vastly appreciate that they provide a delicious and nutritious source of protein and pretty leather materials to make cute things from. 

When you shop with Burlap Bovine, you’re not only supporting a small business, you’re supporting a couple looking to find their first place to officially call home, and I’m also a tap dancer. So you know every time an order comes through, the happy dances are real!